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Chem-Dry Rug Cleaning Protects Your Investment

Our multicultural society in Sydney brings many advantages. The very wide range of quality rugs we have available today was made possible by migrants from Turkey, Iran, China, and Afghanistan, to name a few countries. Delicate hand knotted rugs deserve care and attention. When it is time to have your rug cleaned, Chem-Dry rug cleaning covers everything to ensure you receive the very best possible care and protection for your investment.

Chem-Dry rug cleaning

What do we offer?

The rug cleaning can be done at your home with our low moisture rug cleaning system which allows the rugs to be cleaned and dried quickly. In instances where rugs require comprehensive cleaning, we do the work at our rug cleaning factory. We have a free rug pickup and delivery service in Sydney. This service allows us the time to clean the rugs more than once if required.

We have the ability to adjust the cleaning process to the type of rug. Hand cleaning, solvent cleaning, bonnet cleaning, steam cleaning, full immersion and industrial rug dusting are all options available to us. We can handle just about any rug cleaning job.

Pet odour treatment of rugs is one of the areas where we specialise and excel in. Our full immersion rug washing facility combines with our Chem-Dry PURT treatment to get the “smelly” out of your rug. We also disinfect pet affected rugs to remove any residual bacteria.

Chem-Dry rug cleanin

All rugs can be protected to ensure the fibres are stain resistant. This treatment is applied after the rug cleaning process has been completed. Looking after your rugs will become much easier with our Chem-Dry rug cleaning protection.

We also will treat rugs where dust mite causing allergies might be an issue. This treatment can also be applied to any to mattresses in your home.

The best rug cleaning service in Sydney is just a phone call away!

Chem-Dry rug cleaning


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