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Chem-Dry Mould Removal For A Healthier Home

Have you ever noticed that you always have bad allergies or feel like you’re coming down with something when you wake up in the mornings? That this goes away as soon as you leave the house? It could be that you have a mould problem and/or an allergic reaction to dust mites. Mould is a term describing various types of fungi which multiply in moist, poorly ventilated locations, generally where it is quite humid. Dust mites prefer eating shed skin flakes, making them an issue particularly around heavily used areas of the house (beds etc). Chem-Dry mould removal and dust mite treatment services will help you and your family to enjoy a healthy home.

Chem-Dry mould removal

The more someone is in contact with mould, the more sensitive to it they will become, making their allergic reactions more severe. Typical mould allergy symptoms include: respiratory problems, cold/flu symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, blocked/itchy/runny nose, sinus congestion and headaches), itchy skin, hives, watery/itchy/bloodshot eyes, hair loss, or difficulty breathing. Mould can also induce hay fever-like symptoms and dermatitis. More serious health problems that can be associated with mould include asthma, fevers, memory problems, and even depression.

Chem-Dry mould removal understands how to best tackle mould problems. Our trained and experienced technicians will go to the root of the problem (usually water ingress in some form) and fix this before undertaking mould remediation and cleaning activities. Most often, mould growth is caused by building defects and/or condensation. Poorly ventilated buildings mean that moist air is trapped, causing mould to grow on walls, clothes, furnishings, and other valued possessions. It is important to note the quick nature of mould growth, as it will grow after 24 – 48 hours exposure to moist materials. Additionally, mould can be exacerbated by household appliances (eg. washing machines), contributing towards increased moisture levels indoors. Read more about moisture and mould on this link.

Chem-Dry mould removal

Our Chem-Dry mould removal experts provide a quality service to ensure your home becomes healthy once more. Rather than superficially cleaning the mould, we will go to the source of the problem and fix it. We will then physically remove the mould, and all bedding, carpets, and soft furnishings will be comprehensively cleaned, sanitised, and then disinfected. We will then apply mould neutralising enzymes and apply a chemical called Ozone to kill most mycotoxins. Finally, your property will be dried out with industrial dehumidifiers to reduce the likelihood of mould returning. We highly recommend that customers also buy Pingi moisture absorbers, which will ensure that cupboards and other enclosed areas stay free of mould after we have completed our mould removal service.

Mould removal is an additional cleaning service that we have for:

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Chem-Dry mould removal