Carpet Cleaning – Drying Within 1-2 Hours

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning and Protection

Chem-Dry Distinction 2 provides cleaning and protection for a wide range of services. Accidents occur all the time on carpets and other surfaces. We understand how to best tackle every stain and have plenty of experience through the course of our 22 years operating within Sydney. We cover all areas of Sydney and often receives great feedback from customers. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is a key service which we provide for both residential and commercial customers. As with other Chem-Dry franchises, we use ‘the Natural,’ a patented hot water extraction cleaning solution which effectively eliminates dirt, stains, and odours from all surfaces.

What really sets Chem-Dry carpet cleaning services apart is our experience, better results, and high customer service levels. Our method of cleaning consumes much less water, enabling customers to use carpets after 2 hours of drying, compared with typical steam cleaning which can take a few days to become dry. This provides customers with several benefits. First, carpets can be used quicker and it enables homeowners and businesses the convenience to resume normal activities faster. Second, there is much less risk of mould incubation occurring in carpets that dry quicker. Third, we sanitise carpets to eliminate bacteria and allergens.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can cover the following:

  • Use of our specialised semi-industrial vacuum cleaner on carpets.
  • Moving and replacing furniture where necessary.
  • Pre-treatment of stains before the rest of the carpet cleaning service to achieve better results.
  • Low moisture carpet cleaning that dries within a few hours.
  • Specialised stain removal.
  • Getting rid of bacteria through sanitising carpets.
  • Wet carpet restoration and drying.
  • Pet odour removal.
  • Dust mite treatment.
  • Mould removal and cleaning.
  • Protecting carpets to render fibres stain resistant, making future maintenance easier.

Examples of some carpets we can professionally clean for you:

  • Wool carpets (eg. Cavalier Bremworth).
  • Commercial and industrial carpet tiles (eg. Feltex carpets and low density loop piles).
  • Marine grade carpet tiles.
  • Shag pile carpets.
  • Nylon carpets.
  • Synthetic carpets (eg. Stainmaster carpets).
  • Polyester carpets.
  • And many others!

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning services also extend to many other types of cleaning and protection. Our versatile company leads the way in terms of our superior results and customer service levels. Book your next carpet clean with us today!

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning


Our range of expertise covers:

Carpets    Rugs    Tiles    Matresses   Upholstery    Mould


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Chem-Dry Services other parts of Australia. Some of the main areas:

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